Jane Dell
"Like a consoling friend, Jane Dell's wildly romantic, fantastical journeys through a much calmer inner world takes the edge off Parsons and provides much needed balance. While Parsons is cheeky, direct, pouring everything out and lacking poeticism, Dell is inward, thoughtful, mature, coy, playful and measured with lyricism.But Dell isn't without undercurrents of angst and ennui. The acrylic collage on canvas "Trouble in Paradise" has a lone figure amid beautiful flora and fauna and a fish eye next to a window. The surroundings are opulent, seductive and vacant. Its reserved demeanor more than merely suggest things aren't quite right, but it doesn't yell, or throw a tantrum.Dell's compositions, made with acrylic and collage on canvas, or watercolor, ink, photography, collage on Mylar, are aqua environments with starfish spinning, urchins scuttling, frogs grinning and plants swaying.Beneath, they're anything but comforting. Dell's images have a detectable tension subtly suggested through palette and composition.Through various critters, keenly mixed and matched, interacting in their watery world, a tranquil existence seems to be on the edge much like the quiet before the storm. This is where Parsons and Dell connect and make an engaging exhibit."

"Mind and Matter" review by Tim Kane (June 2013)
Times Union Albany News
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